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Take Action
And Get Involved

Set your alarms:

October 9th: First day that ballots are mailed to voters - start checking your mailbox!

October 26th: Last day recommended to send ballots by mail

October 27th - November 3rd: Ballots should be dropped in designated drop boxes

November 3rd: Election Day; all ballots must be received by 7pm MST


We're collaborating with Rock The Vote for many of your voting needs, no matter where you are. Some great quick tips here:

  • Text "REGISTER" to RTVOTE (788-683) to register to vote from their phones.


Are you registered to vote?

Check here:

I moved - how do I update my address?

Head here:

I have never registered to vote.

Easy! It’ll take 2 minutes. Register online here:

I missed 10/26, where can I drop my ballot?

Find the closest drop box location here:

It’s election day, can I still register?

Yes! Find your nearest Voter Service & Polling Center (VSPC) to register on the day of:


Where do I vote in person?




Remember, wear a mask.

Report any election-related issues here:

Election Protection Hotline 1.866.687.8683

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