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Restaurants rally the votes pledge

The restaurant industry represents the widest range of age, diversity, income, and opportunity, and its 15.5 million employees represent hospitality, community, and as never before, perseverance. Unfortunately, even though we collectively encompass nearly 10% of all jobs and are the second-largest employer (next to the Federal Government) in America, our voices aren’t often heard.

This can change in one simple act. Vote

This is not about for who, not about for what. That is for each of us to decide. This is about the act. As leaders of our business, and indeed our communities, we can make voting an inalienable right, where time, awareness, and apathy don’t get in the way. 

And so, we are committing to support this essential right by doing the following, and we ask that you join us: 

Restaurants Rally the Vote Pledge: By signing this pledge, you and your restaurant/F&B business are making a commitment to use your leadership position, communication channels, and resources to support your employees (and beyond) in voting, and ensuring that the voices of this industry are represented in the 2022 midterm election.

Through this pledge, we commit to, at minimum, the following: 

1. Establishing at least one Rally the Vote ambassador on your team to support peer-to-peer communications around voting. 

2. Communicating your Rally the Vote Pledge publicly through your social and email platforms, encouraging other businesses to join. 

3. Communicating the essential Voting dates and information to your employees weekly through November 3 (sample messages for email, scheduling platforms, and social provided) 

Sign the pledge and commit to Rally the Vote!  


Well done! Thank you for joining in with many others in the F&B industry to Get Up & Vote. Fill out the form below to take the pledge and get some helpful tools... we promise, no spam.

Bien hecho! Gracias por unirte a este grupo de negocios en la industria de alimentos y bebidas y gracias por salir y votar!. Complete el siguiente formulario para comprometerse y obtener algunas herramientas útiles. Lo prometemos, no spam.

Thanks for submitting


Esto puede cambiar con un simple acto: Votando.

Al firmar este compromiso, usted y su negocio de restaurante/F&B se comprometen a utilizar su posición de liderazgo, canales de comunicación y recursos para ayudar a sus empleados (y más allá) a votar y garantizar que las voces de esta industria estén representadas en la elección intermedia de 2022.


Compromisos De Prenda:

1. Establecer al menos un embajador de Rally the Vote en su equipo para apoyar las comunicaciones entre pares en torno a la votación.

2. Comunicar públicamente su Compromiso de Rally the Vote a través de sus plataformas sociales y de correo electrónico, alentando a otras empresas a unirse.

3. Comunicar las fechas e información esenciales de la votación a sus empleados semanalmente hasta el 3 de noviembre (mensajes de muestra para correo electrónico, plataformas de programación y redes sociales proporcionadas)

Firme el compromiso y comprométase “Rally the Vote”!
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